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Authenticity was key; we aimed to have a real venue that could travel throughout Italy, bringing a genuine touch to every on-screen moment. To ensure a consistent visual identity, we also shot the On-Air graphics within the venue itself, creating a seamless and cohesive experience. The music played a pivotal role, with a melody composed specifically for each ident. It boasted a distinct rhythm, with a signature 7 beats, echoing the essence of LA 7.

I was part of the channel rebrand for the Italian national broadcaster LA 7. Combing eccentricity with classic elements, we infused the idents and On-Air package with personality that truly represents the channel's essence. Our concept centered around creating a curated space, a venue that would embrace various scenarios and invite the public into the idents, making it feel as though the entire nation owned the channel.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Design, Animation

LA 7


Red Bee Creative 

Creative Director

Jane Fielder

Art Director

Nino Vrana

Design + Animation 

Amy Johnson, Nino Vrana

Director of Photography

Paul Handley


Joe Glasman

Design Director

Amy Johnson

Storyboard Artist

Maylin Gouldie

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