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We developed a complete suite of On-screen presentation graphics and ensured this toolkit extended seamlessly to social platforms, maintaining a consistent visual identity. My involvement spanned beyond conceptualisation to encompass implementation, guidance, and governance. The refreshed brand and strategy elegantly navigated diverse touch points, connecting the BBC's vision with audiences of all generations.

In honor of its 100th anniversary, the BBC embarked on its first major rebrand in over two decades. I had the privilege of collaborating on the comprehensive broadcast motion and design system that seamlessly unified all BBC channels, creating a harmonious On-air experience. Concurrently, I assumed the role of Design Lead for the rebranding of BBC News, both nationally and globally. 

Brand Identity, Strategy, Design, Animation

BBC News


Wolff Olins, BBC Creative

Creative Director

Steffan Cummins, Laurence Honderick

Design Director

Nino Vrana

Design Animation

Tim Evans, Alexandre Gollner, Tom Sinclair, Andrea Stragapede, Rich Sutton, Nino Vrana


Sophia Pendar-Hughes

Production Coordinator

Liz Timms

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