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Moreover, I led the development of a comprehensive In-programme graphics design system for all BBC Sport broadcasts. This all-encompassing system aimed to provide audiences across diverse sports events with a visually captivating and consistent experience. Collaborating closely with the In-house design team, I oversaw the seamless integration of the graphics system into VizRT templates, ensuring a smooth execution.

To mark the BBC's centenary, a major design update was set in motion – the first in over two decades. It was an honour to contribute to the team that developed a comprehensive motion and design system, uniting the entire network of BBC channels for a cohesive On-Air experience. In a parallel endeavour, I took on the mantle of leading the expansion and implementation of this brand system into BBC Sport's On-screen presentation graphics. The aim was to translate the dynamism of sports onto the screen, aligning with the BBC's visual identity.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Design, Animation

BBC Sport 


Wolff Olins, BBC Creative

Creative Director

Steffan Cummins, Laurence Honderick

Design Director

Nino Vrana

Design Animation

Tim Evans, Andrea Stragapede, Rich Sutton, Nino Vrana


Shaun Adamson

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