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With logo and text animations mirroring the fluidity of water and gentle water bubbles enhancing tranquility, we aimed to evoke the essence of health and beauty. The result is an immersive On-Air package that connects viewers to the world of wellness and encapsulates the essence of programmes that are being featured.

The BBC Lifestyle's Health and Beauty programming strand received an invigorating On-Air promo package refresh. Inspired by the beauty of water, fruits, and flowers, we crafted captivating promo templates that transport viewers to a serene spa-like atmosphere. Using a Phantom super slow-motion camera, we filmed graceful moments of fruits and flowers falling into water.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Design, Animation

BBC Lifestyle 


Visual Effects Company

Creative Director

Rich Sutton

Design Director

Nino Vrana

Design Animation

Nino Vrana


Louise Braham

Director of Photography

Malcom Woolridge

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