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My role encompassed crucial aspects such as implementation, guidance, and governance, ensuring the successful integration of the refreshed brand and strategy across multiple touchpoints. With attention to detail, we meticulously crafted a cohesive and impactful brand identity that resonates with the audience.

I had the privilege of spearheading the development of a new brand identity for MDR Aktuell, the prominent German public broadcaster's flagship news programme. This comprehensive project involved an overhaul of the entire On-Air Branding and graphics package, including title sequences, on-screen graphics, studio background, and a bespoke set of icons, among other elements.

Brand Identity, Design, Animation

MDR Aktuell


Red Bee Creative

Creative Director

Ian Wormleighton

Design Directors

Carlos Carrasco, Nino Vrana

Design Animation

Khairul Ahmed, Carlos Carrasco, Marc Hardman, Nino Vrana

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