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 This minimalist approach allowed the typography and icons, formed from dots of the logo, to take centre stage and convey the brand's message effectively. As a designer and animator, I crafted over 20 promo packages for the launch of the service. Each package was designed and animated to showcase the diverse range of content available on ITV Hub and building anticipation for the launch.

I was part of the team involved in the creation of the brand identity for the launch of ITV Hub, ITV's on-demand service. The challenge was to design a distinctive brand identity that would capture the essence of the platform and resonate with viewers. Central to the brand identity was the visually striking ITV Hub logo. The logo communicates the rotation of channels in a simple yet impactful manner.

Brand Identity, Design, Animation



ITV Creative

Creative Director

Jon Yeo

Design Animation

Natalie Barbara, Gareth David, Nicola Schwandner, Teak Tse, Joe Lewis, Rosanna Gnocchi, Gideon Prins, Nino Vrana,  Crawford Wilson


Lynn Avser, Sofie Leale, Cressida Ranfield

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