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Our aim was to weave the tapestry of its community into the brand, encapsulating the channel's essence within every element. This thoughtfully designed visual identity seamlessly extended across all platforms, ensuring a consistent, impactful presence.

My role encompassed implementation, guidance, and governance, ensuring the refreshed brand and strategy resonated across diverse touchpoints. Our dedication to this endeavor aimed to fortify Together TV's connection with its audience, amplifying its mission.

To coincide with its Together for Good campaign, I spearheaded the rebrand for Together TV, UK’s only broadcaster dedicated to social change. The challenge encompassed  an overhaul of both On-Air and Off-Air branding elements - a fresh logo design, idents, menus, and promotional templates across Broadcast, Digital, Social, and Out-of-home platforms.


Central to this transformation was a resolute commitment to crafting a visual identity deeply aligned with Together TV's mission and audience.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Design, Animation

Together TV


BBC Creative

Creative Director

Laurence Honderick

Design Director

Nino Vrana

Design Animation

Tom Feilla, Veronica Law, Salesi Morris, Janina Petrylaite, Nino Vrana


Louise Braham

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